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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Difference between Copied Product & Unique Product

As per few of my friends "Everything created these days is copied...everyone copies." Such statements are insult to those people who work their hearts out in creative fields. Now please consider few examples.

*) - If everyone copies then by that logic Music Directors like Pritam or Anu Malik or Bappi Lahiri should be as great as AR Rahman.....NO!! because he and his team work hard to find unique permutations and combinations instead of lifting music from around the world.

*) - *Hypothetical* You want to make a Political Thriller movie. Now, mainstream Bollywood chooses copied themes, story plots. Political movies similar to USA or big European nations scene are done to death all over the word ...so a lot of stats on the Box Office Response, Critics, Budget etc are already there...for me adapting all that in your country's backdrop is no big deal. Now, many Hollywood as well as independent movie makers take risk and cover Historical Fiction stories on roads less (or not at all) traveled...like Political scenes of not so mainstream countries like Fiji, Moldova..(this is new, this is trying unique permutations-combinations)...if these risks are commercially successful then shameless Bollywood camps, big production houses copy the theme or even scene-by-scene copy the movie (this is copy, no excuse). Artist-Author Mr. Sumit Kumar while reviewing a story in Freelance Talents Championship wrote - "World is a complex place, there are so many stories which have never been told. Holocaust has been done to death - something similar could be the mass killings in Mizoram in 60's. You could write about that."

*) - I agree that volume of creative work, art created over thousands of years is humongous but still there are countless unused permutations-combinations...I guess the commercial barriers restrict people to try something new, unique and they chose 'tried and tested' safe paths over an over again...maybe thats why often a 2 minute trailer can remind 4-5 movies or books to even a casual fan....So, please respect the brainstorming, several experiments few people do to bring those unseen probabilities to life.

P.S. Jab itna paisa aur mehnat casting, shooting mey kharch kar rahe ho to thoda sa story mey bhi kar lo...

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