...is "Celebrating (un)Common Creativity!" Fan fiction, artworks, extreme genres & smashing the formal "Fourth wall"...Join the revolution!!! - Mohit Trendster

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baba Mafia - Motive

To Celebrate (un)Common Creativity!!

All the team members of 'Trendy Baba Mafia' wrote and/or drew thousands of stories, scenes, artworks, etc of general nature. This platform is different, here Mafia council will post many hidden aspects of their combined multidimensional creativity. The main categories of our uncommon approach are as follows. -

*) - Fan Fiction;

*) - Dealing in extreme Genres comedy, tragedy;

*) - Breaking Fourth Wall;

*) - Breaking Fifth wall;

*) - Artworks;

*) - Software edited images, etc.

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