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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Public Service Announcement *Naming Your Baby*

 *****Public Service Announcement*****

Internet par dependent hoti duniya mey...Apne bachcho k ya apne near-dear ones k bachcho k naam unique rakhen. Common name aur surname k saath aapka bachcha agar celebrity nahi banta tab tak us "common" name k hazaro-lakho log usko duniya k liye invisible rakhenge. Agar aapka surname unique hai like "Satrona", "Rambujh", "Aritra" tab aapko kaafi edge milegi. Unique naam na hone k kuch ghaate.

*) - Bina kuch kiye, bina kisi mehnat k apne naam k search results mey besharmi se top pages gher lene ki advantage aapke bachche ko nahi milegi. Jo unique naam waale besharm balak-balikaon ko milti hai...he he..

*) - There are 1398 professionals by falana COMMON NAME on linkedin...le lo kaddu. :p

*) - Aapke bachche ko national level award milna aur kisi unique combination waale naam like "Adars Kukku" ka internet k kisi chhote kone mey 8 lines likhna barabar asar karega google aur baaki search engines par. Swaahaa! :p

*) - Approximately 976000000 search results with this name on google with your bachche k works, profiles nowhere in top 736 pages. 

*) - Kaam aapka bachcha karega aur aksar log usko kisi social media par zyada active rehne waale bando se confuse kar jaayenge jinka naam same hai.

*) - Duniya ki to chhodiye ye bhi possibility hai ki aapke bachche ki class mey hi usko uske naam k 5-7 bande mil jaaye. 

Peon - "Madam ji, Rahul k parents aaye hai."

Teacher - "Kiske? Rahul Gupta, Rahul Sharma, Rahul Garg ya Rahul Yadav...."

*) - Domain names aur kai websites ki profiles mey aapke bachche ko uske naam ka domain nahi milega balki itni population aur competition ki wajah se chahe wo hash laga le, underscore laga le, dot laga le...sadak par nanga dance kar le....sabka combination laga le...kuch nahi milne ka...end mey kuch aesa milega - WWW.Ramesh27985491_sharma.638.COM

- Mohit Sharma (Trendster / Trendy Baba)

Help > Ideology!



I am here with an important universal message. :)

Passionately following an ideology is usually a great thing but I see people restricting themselves (& others in their group) helping other people who fall under certain groups (due to reasons beyond their control), because their ideology doesn’t allow them to help ‘such people’. They give excuses that we are already helping oppressed people or working for equilibrium....and the given person belongs to privileged, oppressor group…firstly, be flexible, nothing is absolute a person can be from poor General category family...you work for betterment of Palestine but there are few social issues in Israel too.…a male can be victim of domestic violence by his wife or false accusations of rape, dowry, molestation…custodial rights…"poor people are dying why should we help animals?" Oh Really?..tell me how many "dying or poor people" you helped/saved...you work for yourself and just gave a dirty excuse to save your thing...there are many such examples where people in need never get help due to such generalization, stereotype theories…just be flexible and open for every possibility God throws at you....

......and generally, the word HELP (for a good cause) is always above any ideology!

I request everyone to spread the message if they agree. Thank you!

- Mohit Sharma (Trendy Baba)